Happy Thanksgiving!

I am behind in wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and very behind in getting updates to you but it’s coming to the end of the race meet and things are winding down. Even though things are quieter, I plan to bring you weekly updates on Sundays, going forward.

This week has been rather busy however.

The vet visited and both Glitterball and EL Commando are now Geldings! Their castration surgeries went smoothly and they are back jogging and acting like the kids that they are. Glitterball seems to be more focused on his work these days, but in a few weeks I think we’ll see improvement in EL Commando as well. Both colts also had their teeth looked at and Glitterball had his wolf teeth out. EL Commando’s teeth were floated. Next month we’ll work on immunizations.

Summer Slash raced on Wednesday at Batavia Downs and finished 3rd, which I was very happy with. She closed well, with the fastest last quarter of the night. She is in to go again this Wednesday, November 29th. She had a visit to the blacksmith today and should be ready to go on Wednesday.

Pepper Jack Flash continues to enjoy his break. He is turned out in Ohio and will return to Western New York in the New Year.

I am also continuing to look at race horses to purchase. Ideally, I’m looking for something with 2-3 wins and not too many starts this year, that we can race at Batavia in early 2024. If you are interested in purchasing shares of a race horse, let me know!

I hope you all have a great week!